Husk hands off executive chef duties as longtime leader departs kitchen

When renowned chef Sean Brock left McCrady’s and brought his inspired brand of Southern cuisine to Husk in 2010, Travis Grimes went with him.

Grimes started out as the chef de cuisine, and as Sean Brock started branching out with new ventures, Grimes steadily earned more responsibility. In 2015, he was named executive chef of the downtown Charleston restaurant at 76 Queen St.

Now, Grimes is handing over the reins to Ray England, an Idaho-born chef who most recently served as executive chef at Mount Pleasant waterfront eatery Tavern & Table.

“It’s been such a major part of my life what I’ve done here at Husk. It’s a long, interesting story of the family we built here at Husk and how we managed to keep it running and happy and healthy,” Grimes said. “We managed to do it, and honestly, it was because we always built a family around it. I think Husk will be in good hands moving forward.”


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